Dean Crouser Ceramic Disc Ornament by Demdaco (4 Styles)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76417


  • Part of the Dean Crouser holiday collection
  • Measures 4'5" in diameter
  • Made of stoneware

Winter can sometimes seem drab and white. But, a Dean Crouser Ceramic Disc Ornament by Demdaco helps you add a pop of color to that endless whiteness. From birds to berries, Dean Crouser's unique watercolor works of art come alive as perfect mementos for your Christmas tree. Each of his brush strokes is recreated on a durable piece of stoneware. Add this unique Christmas decoration as part of your Christmas decorating whether it be on your tree or in the greenery above your mantle! 

Dean Crouser is a profound artist who draws much of his inspiration from the great outdoors. Living in Oregon, he's been surrounded by beautiful wilds and translates that into his work. Partnering with Demdaco, he is able to share that special vision with so many people. Demdaco strives to help you celebrate the special moments in their lives. Their motto is to Lift the Spirit, which they do with the Dean Crouser Ceramic Disc Ornament by Demdaco.