Dinosaurs Live! Coloring Book by Ted Rechlin


SKU: 68075
  • 64 pages
  • 31 unique dinosaurs

“Known as the "High-Spined Lizard" - named for the tall ridge of bones on its back - Acrocanthosaurus was North America's apex predator during the early Cretaceous period … It was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs ever. At forty feet long and weighing more than six tons, this meat-eater rivaled the famous T. Rex in size.”

 - from page 12

Bring the prehistoric world into your child’s imagination in this ultimate dinosaur coloring adventure. Featuring 31 incredibly detailed and scientifically accurate images of dinos large and small, famous and less well known, this book is the perfect thing for the junior paleontologist, and anyways, what kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Ted Rechlin’s artistic talents has been employed by companies ranging from DC Comics to Dover Publications and more, and now he’s back with stories of the wild and the beautiful in his series of educational children’s books.

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