The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn


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  • Partnered with Artfully Educated 
  • Paperback
  • Approx. 8.5" x 11"

      Get ready to experience one of Montana's fastest growing cities in a whole new way with The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn! The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn is a beautiful collaboration of artists and Bozeman enthusiasts to capture the spirit of the place they call home. The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn shows you every aspect of life in Bozeman, Montana. From the beautiful downtown stores to our favorite diners, from music festivals that are summer traditions to the endless hikes in the area, The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn has it all. The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn also includes some fun reviews from people on Google, to help give you an even better insight into the love Bozeman's residents have for it. Explore beautiful Bozeman like never before in The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn! 

     Megan Coburn is a Bozeman native who still remembers what it was like when Costco first opened. A few years ago Megan wanted to re-explore Bozeman and began to do so by visiting her old favorite haunts. After visiting and reviewing her favorite places she began to explore the new businesses that had sprung up since her childhood. In 2018, Megan was invited to join Google's "Local Guides Summit." 

     Grace Johnson is the artist behind The Bozeman Coloring Book by Megan Coburn. Grace Johnson spent her 20's in Bozeman but has moved to a quiet Montana town to raise her children. However, she frequents enough that her children ask for Naked Noodle as if it isn't two hours away. More of her beautiful artwork can be found at!