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2-Pocket Leather Card Case by The Leather Store (4 colors)


SKU: 5873
  • Genuine buffalo hide card case
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in Montana

This fine, handcrafted leather wallet is made right here in Montana. Cut from the center of the back of the hide, these buffalo-hide wallets are extracted from the strongest area of the hide, and sewn together with a heavy nylon thread. This process allows the Montana-based company, The Leather Store to guarantee these wallets for five years. If you manage to wear it out within five years, they will replace it. Approximately 3" long and 4¼" wide. Pick up one of these Montana-made super-soft wallets today. 

Based in beautiful Helena, Montana, The Leather Store offers high-quality leather clothing, home décor, and of course, their famous buffalo hide wallets! If you have the chance to visit The Leather Store’s brick and mortar location in downtown Helena, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the wonderful aroma of high-quality leather. The store’s physical location also offers beginner to advanced leatherworking tools and training ~ it’s definitely worth the trip!