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26" Black Bear Hugs by Ditz Designs


SKU: 35078

Western Book Category: Stuffed Animal Toys make great Montana Store Souvenirs, and this 26” Hugs Black Bear is definitely one of the cuddliest items from our Other Entertainment gallery. This little buddy comes to you from Ditz Designs by The Hen House out of Norwalk, Ohio. These fuzzy friends are the brain children of Joyce Ditz, a nurse who began creating plush animals in her basement out of her love for stay-at-home moms and her fondness for fun creations. The Hugs Black Bear is one of the originals from the Ditz Plush line featuring lifelike animals made of the finest faux furs. This bear is 26” long and completely flexible, making him perfect for late night snuggles and warm hugs. There is nothing better than a fuzzy outdoor creature from the Stuffed Animal Toys of our Other Entertainment selection, and this little guy would make the perfect addition to your list of Montana Store Souvenirs.