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4-Pocket Leather Card Case by The Leather Store (4 colors)


SKU: 26349


  • Size - 6.5" inches long and 4.25" inches wide
  • Genuine Buffalo Leather
  • Made in Montana

This fine, handcrafted leather card case is made right here in Montana. Cut from the center of the back of the hide, these buffalo-hide wallets are extracted from the strongest area of the hide, and sewn together with a heavy nylon thread. This process allows the Montana based company, The Leather Store to guarantee these wallets for five years.

Based in beautiful Helena, Montana, The Leather Store offers high quality leather clothing, home décor, and of course, their famous buffalo hide wallets! If you have the chance to visit The Leather Store’s brick and mortar location in downtown Helena, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the wonderful aroma of high quality leather. The store’s physical location also offers beginner to advanced leather working tools and training ~ it’s definitely worth the trip!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
12 years strong

I bought mine about 12 years ago. Still going strong!! Nothing like a quality product that lasts in this world!!! So happy

Over 11 years of use and I still love it!

I picked up this wallet on a whim at a small shop in Slidell, LA sometime around 2009-2010 having no idea at the time that it would not only be around for well over 11 years , but that it would one day become one of my favorite personal possessions, and one I expect to be with me for many more years to come. Its is an amazingingly well-crafted, quality product with an uber-minimalist design. I rub mine down with mink oil every couple of years or so and it now has worn, patinated look and feel that can only come with aged, brown leather. I did cut down the height of the back pockets so that they are parallel with the front pockets as I found they will start to fold over when closing the wallet as it wears and the leather relaxes. I wish I could post a few pictures. Take my word for it, this is a gem and may very well be the last wallet you ever buy!