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Texas BBQ Snack Sticks by Ranch House Meat & Sausage Company (2 sizes)



  • USDA Certifed
  • Made in Montana
  • Be sure to  refrigerate after opening

Get ready to buy this Montana-made goodie in bulk because you're going to need it. Texas BBQ Snack Sticks by Ranch House Meat & Sausage Company. Combining beautiful Montana-raised beef and pork with the smoky mesquite flavor of Texas BBQ. Ranch House knows how to create an absolutely delicious, quality product. Sourcing only Montana-raised meat from across our beautiful state, they develop delicious flavors in their USDA Certified production facility. All of their beef is dry-aged and processed in this facility so from farm to package, you're getting the best Montana has to offer.

Trust us, you're not going to want to share! Each bite bursts with that delicious BBQ flavor. Not everyone has the time to spend all day smoking meat over hand-picked wood to get that Texas flavor that only Texans seem to know how to do right. Well, with the help of Montanans at Ranch House, you'll get that same mouth-watering flavor in their meat sticks. Family-owned and operated, we're proud to carry Ranch House as part of our product mix. Get these for a gift for that meat lover in your life, but be sure to get some Texax BBQ Snack Sticks by Ranch House Meat & Sausage Company for yourself so nobody has to share!