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Fat Glitter Bird Clip-On Ornament by Old World Christmas


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  • Comes in 4 Colors
  • 4" long
  • Easy Clip-on

Everybody wants a Fat Glitter Bird Ornament on their tree this Christmas! Glitter, fat birds, fluffy tails, what's not to love? Imagine the 4 different colored birds weighing down your tree branches, brightening up your Christmas with their fat-glitter-birdness. The Flat Glitter Bird Ornament is equipped with an easy clip-on attachment that allows you to place this adorable little friend just about anywhere that allows you to clip items, such as stockings, outfits, your tree, areas around your office, or even your car! Fat Glitter Bird can decorate almost any area you wish to bring joy to!

Be sure to specify which color you'd prefer for your little bird! this ornament is available in purple, blue, red, and yellow.

Old World Christmas brings families a variety of glass-blown ornaments for any possible Christmas decorating needs you may have. The ornaments are blown carefully into a mold, then cooled down to allow the artist to hand paint each ornament, making every ornament as unique as the variety of ornaments offered by Old World Christmas.