Rustic Bird Christmas Ornaments by H&K Studios (4 Styles)


SKU: 71915


  • Approx. 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Sizes will vary between design
  • Made of copper 
  • Hand-crafted

    Celebrate the Season of Giving this year with a western twist! The beautiful Rustic Bird Christmas Ornaments by H&K Studios is the perfect way to bring a little Montana to your Christmas. The Rustic Bird Christmas Ornaments are made from copper and steel, making them both sturdy and stunning. With the Rustic Bird Christmas Ornaments, your Christmas will go from average to Western in the few seconds it takes you to hang it on your Christmas tree! Celebrate Christmas, your love for birds and Montana all at once with the beautiful Rustic Bird Christmas Ornaments!

    H&K Studios was founded by Kyle and Hayley Gowen. The adorable duo grew up in the same town but never met until years later. After a late night truck ride and a walk down the aisle, Kyle and Hayley found themselves swamped in work. So they decided to find a way to work together and pursue their passion. Now H&K Studios is a flourishing metal-art business that allows Kyle and Hayley to spend time doing what they love as well as spend time with their growing family.