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Sue the T-Rex Jigasw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios


SKU: 78144


  • Fun for all
  • Montana made
  • Size 18"x24"

Most of us have had that fascination with the mighty T-Rex! So it's fitting that there should be a jigsaw puzzle of one to bring you back to that excitement! Or, if you are already a fan or are just learning about the T-Rex this is the perfect way to showcase your budding fascination. The puzzle is just big enough to fit on a small desk for your own enjoyment, or on a coffee table for everyone to enjoy. The best part is you can take it apart and put it back together as many times as you would like. The fun never ends!

Rextooth Studios has a great habit of bringing books and puzzles to life with their amazing graphics and stories that feel real and are also educational. They pride themselves on creating scientifically educational books that both entertain you and help you learn about the history of our planet. We at the Montana Gift Corral love their books and puzzles and we know you will love them too!