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Wolves of the Sea Jigsaw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios


SKU: 78098


  • 500 Piece Puzzle
  • 100% Recycled Materials
  • Measures 18" x 24" Once Assembled!

What do wolves and orcas have in common? That they hunt in groups, of course! Both wolves and orcas are known to hunt in packs, herding their prey into small areas before attacking. Orcas are commonly referred to as "wolves of the sea", due to this distinctive behavior. If you are as fascinated with these massive sea creatures as we are, make sure to pick up the Wolves of the Sea Jigsaw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios. This 500 piece puzzle is handcrafted singing 100% recycled and environmentally friendly materials, and measures approx. 18" x 24" once fully assembled! What are you waiting for? Pick up this graphic jigsaw puzzle and get the family together for a fun and entertaining game night! 

Based right here in Bozeman, MT, Ted Rechlin, is the talented illustrator responsible for this stunning puzzle design. Ted has always been a big fan of sharks, dinosaurs, monsters, and even wolves, explaining his detailed wildlife-inspired designs. Whether you are looking for a stunning puzzle or intriguing graphic novel, Rextooth Studios is perfect for you!

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