Buffalo Teriyaki Jerky by Chalet Market


SKU: 59973


  • Made from local buffalo.
  • Net wieght 2 oz.
  • Made in Montana

Imagine you are out for a day hike in the grand mountains of Montana. You are starting to get hungry, but it's a good thing you packed some scrumptious buffalo jerky. You pull out your Buffalo Teriyaki Jerky to help with the hunger. As soon as the jerky hits your taste buds, you know you picked the right food to have in your pack.

Every pack of jerky is made out of real buffalo and nothing else. Buffalo Teriyaki Jerky has such a rich flavor to every bite it's no wonder it is a company favorite. Chalet Market makes this yummy Montana made product, and they are based in Belgrade, Montana so you know it is some good jerky.

Grab your jerky and head out for the day in the Montana mountains.