Medium Wood Candle Tray by Himalayan Trading Post


SKU: 69227


  • 40 oz.
  • Approximately 50 hours of burn
  • Measures approx. 23” x 5”
  • 4 wicks

What could possibly be better than a three-wick candle? A four-wick candle, of course! Here at Montana Gift Corral, we are huge candle buffs, and as such, we fully believe the bigger the better. If you've been searching for a candle that is guaranteed to make a statement, check out the Medium Wood Candle Tray by Himalayan Trading Post! This candle, measuring approximately 23” x 5”, acts as a gorgeous antiqued, centerpiece candle that has been carefully carved from a single slab of solid and sustainable mango wood. Featuring a set of beautifully carved wooden handles on each side, this candle is also extremely easy to move around, which is especially handy for any individual who is constantly redecorating. Did we mention that this candle comes in two delectable scents? We are obsessed!

Himalayan Trading Post, a company based in Duluth, Georgia, is passionate about crafting beautiful vintage-inspired candles that are perfectly scented to invoke an intense feeling of nostalgia. These candles are meant to help you relive those beautiful little moments of your life that mean the most. If you've been looking to test out some new candle scents, make sure to give any of our selection of Himalayan Trading Post candles a try! 

Looking for something a bit smaller, but still sporting a rustic vibe? We've got the perfect product for you! The Medium Tree Bark Candle by Himalayan Trading Post is a two-wick candle featuring 5 awesome scents!

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