Santa's Pal Lighted Print Ornament by RAZ Imports


SKU: 79700


  • 6" tall and 6" wide
  • Made of canvas
  • Requires 3 AA batteries

Oh man, your Christmas tree definitely needs this cuteness! The Santa's Pal Lighted Print Ornament by RAZ Imports is the absolutely perfect way to make your tree sparkle with adorableness this Christmas season. There are so many features that make this little canvas ornament wonderful! First, look at the picture! Santa knows who his best friend is. While the reindeer hold a special place in his heart, this adorable golden retriever pup really is Santa's favorite. Plus, he's got a hat to match and he's brought Mr. Claus a beautiful red Christmas bauble. When you turn on this lighted print, the lights change and twinkle for up to four hours! 

This canvas print can be a Christmas ornament or set up on a little end table for extra holiday cheer in your home. The red ribbon will look beautiful on whichever branch of the tree you choose or use the easel stand on the back to give it its own special place in the house. This will require 3 AA batteries, but with the four-hour timer that restarts after 20 hours, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the twinkling lights. The artwork is a piece by Adam Sanderson and the lighted print is created by RAZ Imports. Their motto is to collect heart-warming and interesting home decor to share with customers all over the world. That's exactly what you get in the Santa's Pal Lighted Print Ornament by RAZ Imports.