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Dark Heather Textured State Montana Hoodie by Sherry Manufacturing (5 sizes)


SKU: 65638


  • 38% cotton, 62% polyester
  • Machine wash cold
  • Adult sizes S-XXL
  • Unisex

     "We made our way up to the treeline. When the cloud fell down and covered us in white, And the world below was like a rolling sea, So we watched from the tallest peak..."

    Can you picture it? You're on top of the tallest peak, nothing between you and the endless blue sky. Below the clouds stretch far and wide, disrupted only by more massive peaks, but it's freezing! With the Textured State Montana Hoodie, you can get above the cloud coverage without going below freezing! The Textured State Montana Hoodie is incredibly soft and and extra warm so you can explore all of the wonders Montana’s majestic mountains have to offer! With a simple yet classy design the Textured State Montana Hoodie matches any outfit for any occasion. So slip into your hoodie, climb that mountain and have your breath taken away!