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Pillow Cover by Art Studio Company (2 styles)


SKU: 85479


  • 2 Wildlife-Inspired Designs (Priced per Pillow Cover)
  • Textured 3D-Like Fabrication
  • Exposed Threading on Outside Seam

One of our favorite ways to bring some color and character to any space is by adding some unique pillow covers to your basic throw pillows. If you've been wanting to spice up your pillows, we know you'll love our Pillow Cover by Art Studio Company. With two unique wildlife-inspired designs to choose from, you'll find the perfect one for your space. These decorative pillow covers feature a unique 3D-like fabrication, alongside a unique exposed threading on the outside seam. Pick up one of these pillow case covers today, and spice up any space!

These pillow covers are brought to you by Art Studio Company. With a passion for traveling the world, this company partners with small and talented villages near and far. Not only do they ensure that each of their products is high-quality, but they place specific emphasis on ethical workmanship, making sure their artisans are compensated fairly. They even go as far as donating a portion of all proceeds back to the villages in which their products are made. Now that is a mindset that we can surely get behind!