Behemoth Cutthroat Trout Montana T-Shirt by Lakeshirts


Brand: Lakeshirts
SKU: 70376


  • 100% cotton
  • Unisex
  • Adult sizing S-XXL
The Behemoth Cutthroat Trout T-Shirt from Prairie Mountain is the perfect gift for the angler in your life. We all know someone who spends all day fishing, and when they aren't fishing they are probably daydreaming about fishing. For some, the river is always calling, maybe that someone is you? If you know all of the best fishing spots in Montana, where to go when it's sunny and where to go when it's rainy then the Behemoth Cutthroat Trout T-shirt would be an ideal fit for you! The Behemoth Cutthroat Trout T-Shirt has a large image of Montana's state fish as well as the word "Montana" written in bold letters. Perfect for men, women, young and old, this shirt is perfect for all the Montana anglers out there!