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Shelle Lindholm Aurora Black Bear Metal Box Art by Meissenburg Designs (2 sizes)


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  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Aluminum
  • Made in America
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Have you ever thought that a piece of art would look great over your fireplace, or maybe pondered the idea of finding just the right piece to go out on the patio? Shelle Lindholm Aurora Black Bear Metal Box Art may be just the thing you've been waiting for! A wonderful piece of contemporary art, the painting depicts a black bear staring at you. The vibrant colors along with the intense gaze of the bear are what set this piece apart - though being able to place it inside your house or outside in the elements is a major bonus with this piece.

Shelle Lindholm draws much of her inspiration from the nature and animals that reside on and around her property. Living near the Rocky Mountains, she feels her best art is when she has effectively told an animal's story through her paintings. Her art has been featured in numerous exhibitions, and she is the recipient of many awards for her art. She claims the best way to describe her work is a mix of primal and contemporary, and we at Montana Gift Corral feel that what sets her work apart is the meticulous attention to detail and the depth of her work.

So whether you are a seasoned art collector, or a first time buyer, Shelle Lindholm's Aurora Black Bear Metal Box Art is sure to be a wonderful addition or start to any collection.