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Sun MOVA Globe (2 sizes)


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  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Solar-powered
  • No cords or batteries needed

MOVA Globes make an excellent gift for that person who has everything! The Sun MOVA Globe offers you the beauty and uniqueness of the sun right on your desk or mantle. With rich colors and high-quality production, you know you're getting a truly interesting piece. Every MOVA Globe is created uses patented technology. As your globe sits in its designated place, it is charged using overhead lights of the room or light from a nearby window. That means this globe will continuously spin on all its own. You don't have to plug it in anywhere. The gentle spinning isn't distracting either; it's just a unique addition to your setting!

The idea for MOVA Globes was created by physicist Bill French in the 1990s. Always interested in the planets and space, he saw the value of creating something people could put in their homes to symbolize that love for interstellar bodies and the worlds beyond ours. Melding together his love of science and his eye for beauty, MOVA Globes were born. Today, you can create an entire solar system if you like with the collection of Space MOVA Globes. But, start with this beautiful Sun MOVA Globe today!