Round Magnet by Wayne Carver Woodworking (3 styles)


SKU: 28188


  • Wildlife inspired design
  • Designed in Rockford, IL
  • Laser engraved design!

Montana is known for its vast population of moose, especially in the western part of the state! In fact, it is estimated that there are over 5,000 of these massive creatures roaming the forested backcountry! Standing as tall as 6'9, these large mammals are truly a sight to behold, this being said, keep your distance as they are known to be quite ornery! Escape from work or accent your home with this great magnet. Featuring a wood construction with a small but strong magnet, a tough finish, and an extremely detailed, laser-etched design. Approximately 2½" in diameter.

The unique company responsible for this wildlife-inspired design, Wayne Carver Woodworking, is a company based out of Rockford, Illinois! Know for its distinctive work in custom laser engraved goodies, Wayne Carver is a pro at offering products that help individuals remember their fondest memories. Whether you are simply traveling through the state, or are a Montana local, you totally need to get your hands on the Round Grizzly Magnet by Wayne Carver Woodworking!

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