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Day Tripper Wine/Water Canvas Bottle by Toteable


Brand: Toteable
SKU: 69207


  • Holds 750 mL
  • BPA free
  • To clean, rinse liner and use bottle brush

It's important to stay hydrated or make sure that you have plenty of wine at the ready, but sometimes a big water bottle is just too clunky. You won't have that problem with this Day Tripper Wine/Water Canvas Bottle by Toteable. We aren't going to judge whatever liquid you want to put in your bottle, but whatever you choose is going to be easily accessible and convenient. And, you know that this can survive whatever adventure you want to take it on. If you have a long hike planned and need water, this canvas bottle is just what you need. If it's your turn to drive the soccer team's carpool, this canvas bottle is just what you need! It's literally helpful in any situation.

Leakproof and airtight, each bottle is made with heavy-duty cotton canvas. All hardware is made from aluminum, which includes the carabiner that can attach to a backpack or belt with ease. When it's empty, all you have to do is roll this up and pop it in a pocket somewhere. That's way easier to store than a water bottle or bulky flask. Toteable is the creation of a husband and wife duo who actually met each other through the wine industry. Together they started making their own wine and realized how much of a struggle many of the traditional wine accessories are. That led them to create these canvas bottles! Enjoy every sip out of this Day Tripper Wine/Water Canvas Bottle by Toteable.