Mini Flask Keychain by Heritage Metalworks (7 designs)


SKU: 41197
  • Flask is approximately 1¾" wide, 2¼" tall, ¾" deep
  • Holds 1oz.

This handy flask has a stainless steel construction, with a strong keychain clip, a nicely-sealing cap, and a beautiful, highly-detailed Montana wildlife pewter plate. These pieces are individually hand-crafted using a proprietary pewter alloy developed by Heritage Metalworks, known as Heritage Pewter. The addition of silver to this alloy provides a brighter, more luxurious finish that will last for generations to come. 

Heritage Pewter has been hand-crafting fine pewter gifts since 1988. Started in 1988 by Scott and Steven Ballor, Heritage Metalworks began in Mesa, Arizona. Offering an array of pewter products, ranging from barware to wind chimes, golf clubs to coffee mugs. These products features beautiful pewter designs like a college logo, a wildlife scene, a military motif, or your favorite sport.