Montana 250 ML Canvas Flask by Capabunga


Brand: Toteable
SKU: 69209
  • Cotton canvas cover
  • BPA free liner
  • Holds 245ml/8oz

Sometimes all you need to make your Montana adventures that much better is a swig of your favorite beverage! From water to Gatorade, or even liquor, you totally need to get your hands on the Montana 250 ML Canvas Flask by Capabunga. Featuring a Montana-inspired cotton canvas cover and a BPA-free liner, this fun flask will ensure that you stay hydrated in the mountains, or even buzzed at a party. 

Capabunga was first dreamed up on a vacation in Napa Valley. Walt, one of the owners, woke up one night with a wonderful idea for a cap with the ability to reseal a bottle of wine. After designing this product, Capabunga was born with a passion for bringing ease to the lives of wine, beer, and liquor drinkers nationwide! As they like to put it, "We simply just look at things we use every day and start talking about how we could improve them. But constantly we think, there's got to be a better way." Neat!

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