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Shh Wine/Water Canvas Bottle by Toteable


Brand: Toteable
SKU: 66551


  • Made of heavyweight cotton
  • Holds 750 mL
  • Made in California

If you're an adventurer on the go, you aren't fully prepared with the Shh Wine/Water Canvas Bottle by Toteable. This thing is 100% made for somebody who is already on the move. Each canvas bottle is made with quality construction in mind. However, they also don't skimp on design. Their process is termed "design-forward", meaning they want the images to be just as important as how these bottles are constructed. In addition, each bottle is designed to expel oxygen to make sure you get the best flavor possible. If you're just filling these with water, you will always feel refreshed with each drink you take. However, if it's wine or spirits, you can rest assured that the flavor where never deteriorate no matter how long you travel.

When it's empty, you don't have to worry about it taking up a ton of space. Just roll this baby up and stuff it wherever you have room. When you get home, then it's time to clean. You can rinse the interior liner and then scrub it really well with a bottle brush using warm water and a bit of soap. The cotton canvas exterior can be hand washed with soap and water, but make sure you let it air dry completely before your next use. Once it's dry though, the world is your oyster! Take this with you wherever the road goes and you'll never get dehydrated! Whether a gift for someone special or just a little treat for yourself, get ready to fall in love with the Shh Wine/Water Canvas Bottle by Toteable! 

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