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Moose Grub Fish Beer Batter by The Huckleberry People


SKU: 37189


  • approx. 16 oz of dry mix
  • Add one 12 oz beer
  • Made in Montana

Add a little novelty to your cooking with Moose Grub Fish Beer Batter by Huckleberry People. Picture this: you've just spent a day on your favorite Montana river, catching something fresh and delicious for supper. You head home, but you're thinking it's time to add a little something different to your fish fry. This batter will give you a rich, delicious, flaky crust that plain old fish is missing. With the addition of beer to the mix, it really is a wonderfully light flavor and texture for any fresh catch. Plus, it's just darn fun to give the fish a little dredge in something special from Montana.

Because this comes in a classic 16 oz bottle, it can be a bit difficult to get the mix out so you do have to be patient and creative. A light beer is recommended to get a light batter, but you can experiment with darker beers if you'd like to get a different texture to your dredge. As a creation from a company out of Montana called The Huckleberry People, you're getting a wonderfully Montana-made treat! Based out of Missoula, they handcraft all of their mixes in small batches from trusted family recipes. No matter how you choose to whip this up, enjoy and experiment in deliciousness with the Moose Grub Fish Beer Batter by The Huckleberry People.

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