Quilled Artist Series Greeting Card by Quilling Card (11 Styles)


SKU: 83398


  • Detailed hand-quilled design
  • 11 famous styles to choose from
  • Includes matching envelope for shipping

Discover the timeless beauty of famous artwork reimagined with the Quilled Artist Series Greeting Card by Quilling Card. Hand-crafted with detailed quilling, these miniature masterpieces take 6 hours to create and come in 11 exclusive styles - from Vincent Van Gogh to Pierre-Auguste Renoir - to add a touch of elegant artistry to any occasion. Add a sophisticated and exclusive touch with the Artist Series and transform your home into your own personal museum!

Boldly leaving the world of corporate employment in 2011, Huong embraced her innate passion and devoted herself to the intricacy of quilling. Quilling Card graces us with delightful and thoughtful greeting card designs that render every day a moment to be cherished. From wildlife-inspired cards to nature-imbued designs, our greeting cards are sure to warm the hearts of your loved ones, family, and friends!

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