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Rainbow Wolf Card by Lynn Bean


Brand: Lynn Bean
SKU: 78856
  • Wildlife inspired design
  • Designed in the USA
  • Watercolor artwork

Wolves, once considered an endangered species, are now flourishing in the Big Sky State! In the 1990s there were only about 60 wolves living in Montana, however, with conservation efforts that number has raised to about 1,100 wolves in 2021! Wow! If you love wolves as much as we do, you need to get your hands on the Rainbow Wolf Card by Lynn Bean. This card features the beautiful watercolor art of Lynn Bean in a colorful wolf-inspired design. A greeting card as beautiful as this one is sure to put a smile on any loved one's face!

Lynn Bean, an artist based in Oregon, is a staff favorite here at Montana Gift Corral. This successful watercolor artist is highly-esteemed for her beautiful nature and wildlife-inspired designs. From jewelry to greeting cards and a variety of other goodies, Lynn Bean uses a plethora of outlets to show off her stunning watercolor designs. She is so popular, in fact, that you can find her distinguishable art in exhibits, galleries, and gift shops around the United States!

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