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Huckleberry Deluxe Gift Crate by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 4505

Montana Gift Details:

  • Includes a 10 oz huckleberry syrup, a 5 oz jar of huckleberry jam, a 5 oz razy-huck jam, and a 12 oz flap jack mix
  • All made in Montana
  • In order, to keep customers safe and healthy, we do not offer exchanges or refunds on any food items. If food is ordered during extremely hot temperatures, you assume the risk that food might arrive warm or melted. We will do everything in our power to package food items with sufficient ice packs and insulation, but we will not offer exchanges or refunds on any food items. We may also delay packages that include food items to ship at the beginning of the week to avoid food items sitting on a hot truck over the weekend. If you'd prefer expedited shipping or wish to discuss your order before placing it, please call us at 406-898-2034.

The true Montana gift is waking up in the mountains, looking at the snow falling softly outside your window as you sip your coffee, and inhaling the delicious smell of the huckleberry breakfast that awaits you. Sadly, not everyone is lucky enough to live in Montana. That's why we provide you with the Huckleberry Deluxe Gift Crate. It's a delightful treat put together by the fine people at Huckleberry Haven located in the heart of Montana huckleberry country. Resting in a stylish wood crate that could easily be repurposed to help organize a drawer or display favorite trinkets on a mantle, this gift crate makes for a quick, easy purchase of the best huckleberry food for the huckleberry lover in your life.

The makers and bakers of Huckleberry Haven have been collecting huckleberries and turning them into mountain delicacies since the 1980s. Every year in late summer, they work hard with local berry hunters to gather as many huckleberries as possible to create their unique huckleberry food and gifts. Huckleberries cannot be grown commercially, thus it is a race between adventurous humans and hungry bears to gather up this sweet treat before the season is over. This is an excellent gift crate to help satisfy your craving for huckleberries from Montana! It also makes a great gift for anyone who hasn't been here yet or wishes to get back soon! Order yours today and indulge in a little huckleberry goodness!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wendy H.

Real nice gift set. Yummy!

Mother's Day gift

Absolutely wonderful gift. Cannot wait to try everything. Even the packaging was special. Recycled cardboard was used for overwrap and the wooden crate that held the contents will be used on our porch to house some odds and ends.