I'll Be Home Montana Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 75164
  • Unique oval-shaped ornament
  • Hand-painted from the inside
  • Reverse side says "Montana" in gold

Sparkle and shine with this I'll Be Home Montana Ornament by Inner Beauty this holiday season! One of the best ways to commemorate your favorite places is by collecting Christmas ornaments. As you unpack and decorate the tree each season, you can recall all of your magical adventures and revel in the memories. Whether you live in Montana or not, it truly is a special place to call home. This little glass ornament isn't too flashy or wild and celebrates Big Sky Country in a simple and quaint way. Glittering red and proclaiming your home is Montana in gold lettering, we're certain you'll smile every time you look at this Montana ornament.

Inner Beauty Gifts specializes in these unique glass ornaments for the holiday season. The process of painting them takes lots of training and a special set of brushes, which has earned these ornaments the nickname "bent brush art." When painting one of these designs, they must for start on the outside, so here, the "HOME" gets painted first. Once that's set and perfected, the red glitter paint is added to complete the piece. While that may seem like a straightforward task, exploring the Inner Beauty glass ornament collection will show you just how intricate this can get. But for now, celebrate the simplicity of the warm message of this I'll Be Home Montana Ornament by Inner Beauty!