Boots Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises (3 Colors)


SKU: 18806


  • Measures 9" by 5 3/4"
  • Made in the USA
  • Materials: leather and brass-plated bells

Part of the holiday magic comes from the sound of beautiful Christmas bells! These Boots Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises combine a little western flair with the sweet sound of Christmas time! Plus, the construction of each set of bells is really a work of art. All pieces are hand-cut from real leather and then handpainted. There is no stencil or screen-printing process. Someone actually works to hand-apply all of the fine detail and stitching work. And with the wide opening at the top, these bells are designed to hang on a variety of items, but particularly door handles. That way, you get that joyous tinkle every time a door opens or closes! 

Lovingly coining themselves as The Bell People who make bells for every reason and every season, Belschinkel Enterprises takes their name from that fabled German character from Christmas tradition. As the story goes, a Santa-like character dressed in furs, bells, and sprigs of holly would visit local villages to visit the children. Those who behaved badly were hit with a switch and those who had been good that year were given treats from his goodie bag. And while he would disappear until next year, his signature sound was always the tinkling bells. Now, you can bring that tradition into your own home with the Boots Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises.