German Shepherd Bell by Belsnickel Enterprises


SKU: 12248


  • Size: 7.75" inches by 6.5" inches
  • Hand-painted
  • Fits All Standard Doorknobs

Get your favorite German Shepherd owner a set of brass jingle bells with the German Shepherd Bell by Belsnickel Enterprises. The hand-painted leather is cut out in the shape of a german shepherd and a pair of bells are attached to the body of the dog. Hang this on any door to get that jingle bell noise anytime it opens or closes. The sound they produce has a jolly tone to it, making these bells sound more like sleigh bells. Let these brass sleigh bells be your decorative alarm for any door you desire.

Belsnickel Enterprises was founded on tradition. Belsnickel is a Santa figure who would visit villages near the Swiss Alps dressed in furs and bells. He gives gifts to the good children who had to sing songs and recite poetry to receive their gifts. The bells were the sound of the legend of Belsnickel. Belsnickel Enterprises was founded off of these traditions, bringing sleigh bells into our everyday lives.