I Love My Dog Bone Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises


SKU: 18799


  • Hand-Painted 
  • Fits all standard doorknobs.
  • Made in the USA

We know that you love your dog, but why not show the world that you do as well! The I Love My Dog Bone Bells by Belsnickel Enterprises is a fun hand-painted doorknob hanger that lets everyone know just how much you adore your fuzzy family member! The brass sleigh bells make great "burglar alarms" second only to your dog, of course. Whether your best friend is a Newfoundland or a Chihuahua, we know your heart is as big as it can be with the love you have for your dog!

Belsnickel Enterprises is born of tradition and whimsy as they have crafted products that ring true during any time of the year! If you looked at their entire stock of door hangers, you will see how much Belsnickel loves dogs! Belsnickel Enterprises hopes these bells are able to bring a reminder of the ones you love whenever you hear them jingle! Here at the Montana Gift Corral, we are proud to carry a product that brings families together and whichever furry friend that comes with it!

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