Limited Scalloped Bell Strap by Belsnickel Enterprises (2 Colors)


SKU: 23184


  • Made in the USA
  • Measures 12 3/4" long and 2 3/4" wide
  • Fits over door knob

Get jiggling bells with everyone open door when you hang this Limited Scapped Bell Strap by Belsnickel Enterprises from your knob. If you are one who is fond of those classic Christmas traditions, jingle bells are a wonderful way to add extra holiday spirit to all your celebrations. Used by a variety of religions and belief systems to make noise to scare away evil spirits during joyous times, in Christian beliefs bells are used to proclaim the birth of Christ. And, if you like to keep these brass bells up beyond Christmas, they can also be used to "ring in the new year" as the saying goes. There's just something magical about adding bells to these moments in life.

Belsnickel Enterprises is a homegrown company based in Florida. Still owned and operated by the original founding family, all of their bell straps are made from real, hand-cut, and sewn leather and the bells are attached by hand. Fondly referring to themselves as "the bell people", they have worked for years to perfect this craft and help brighten up the sounds of the holiday with those beautiful tinkling jingle bells. While we'd all like to have a holiday sleigh right or get a chance to deliver presents with Santa and his reindeer, hanging these bells in your home is probably the next best thing! A Limited Scalloped Bell Strap by Belsnickel Enterprises is your ticket to an extra joyous holiday season!