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Two-Tone Key Chain by Cowboy Collectibles


SKU: 40571
  • Size: 5" inches long
  • Made in Montana
  • Colors do vary greatly as these are hand-made pieces. Purchase price is for a single key chain. Please note desired color scheme in order comments. If it happens to be out of stock, a similar color scheme will be chosen for you. Thank you! Possible color choices:
      • White and Dark Brown
      • Black and Brown
      • White and Black
      • White and Brown
    • White and Black and White and Brown are the colors pictured

Keychains are a great way to highlight your keys to keep them from going missing. With the Two-Tone Key Chain by Cowboy Collectibles, you get to do that with a western flair. We love the use of two different horse hair colors in this two-tone key chain. It gives a dynamic feel to the chain and allows you to admire two different colors of hair. The horse hair is tightly braided, making it smooth to the touch, and the key chain is finished off with beautiful metal concho studs. 

Cowboy Collectibles makes individually handcrafted products by local Montanans. They source all of their horse hair from cold climate horses who grow and loose hair more rapidly, making sure that the hair is ethically sourced. The company was founded in 1995 in Montana and has remained there ever since. Founder, Laura Wikstrom, has been a life long horse owner and equine enthusiast and believes in ethical treatment of animals. When you buy from Cowboy Collectibles, you are guaranteed a beautiful product, made with care.