Nickle the Bear Youth Montana Hoodie by BumWraps (5 sizes)


Brand: Bumwraps
SKU: 83987


  • Made in the USA
  • Colorful Montana-Inspired Design
  • Available in Youth Sizes XS-XL

Introducing the Nickle the Bear Youth Montana Hoodie by BumWraps - a colorful and quirky addition to any young adventurer's wardrobe. Each hoodie is made in the USA and features a playful design of a black bear with a beautiful Montana landscape behind it. Available in sizes XS-XL for all youth ages to enjoy. Get your kiddo an adorable Montana sweatshirt today!

Experience the vibrant joy of BumWraps' USA-made clothing, where bold colors and American craftsmanship meet to redefine your wardrobe. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or an outdoor explorer, their designs effortlessly showcase your personal style and appreciation for nature. Proudly featuring Montana-inspired styles, each piece captures the spirit of adventure and the beauty of the wilderness, allowing you to carry a piece of nature wherever you go. With BumWraps, your clothing becomes more than just fabric—it's a statement of your passion for exploration and a nod to the scenic wonders of the Big Sky State!