Arbuckle - Arbuckle Trilogy Book 3 by Russell Rowland


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  • By Montana author Russell Rowland
  • 362 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1986149110

In the third book detailing the history of the Arbuckle brothers, Arbuckle: A Novel continues the hard-won story of a ranching family in southeastern Montana. This is the prequel to the Arbuckle family settling in Montana. It tells the tale of how George and Catherine meet in Deadwood, South Dakota, and later settle in Montana once George took a job as a trail boss. However, wedded bliss was not in their fate as Catherine experienced a terrible event that threatened the very fabric of the Arbuckle family. Learning to live with what happened to her and going public with the experience turned their world upside down. Powerful and raw, this is a real story of frontier living and survival. 

Russell Rowland has now written six books, but also hosts a literary podcast, hosts on NPR, and continues to write articles and other published works. He was born in Montana and as a fourth-generation Montanan, pulls from the stories and experiences of his family as well as the storied past of the West. He works to really tell the realistic story of Montanans who first came to this beautiful state. It was not all "stars-in-their-eyes" excitement. There were times of struggle and death mixed in with the connections they fostered to the people and places of this state. If you're looking for a tale that does justice to the people who settled in the West, look no further than Arbuckle: A Novel by Russell Rowland.