Back-Tracking in Memory: The Life of Charles M. Russell by Nancy Cooper Russell


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  • 224 pages
  • Edited by Thomas Petrie and Brian Dippie
  • Published in Montana

Charlie Russell is a Montana legend known as the Cowboy Artist. Experience his life and legacy through the eyes of his wife in Back-Tracking in Memory: The Life of Charles M. Russell by Nancy Cooper Russell. At the age of 18, Nancy married Charlie who was 32 at the time. When they were first wed, his talent was unknown and life was hard for the happy couple. With her encouragement, he kept at his artwork and became the artist we all know and celebrate today. With his death, Nancy realized it was her job to make sure his legacy survived. She organized exhibitions of his work, compiled his letters, and penned this biography as a way for all to remember him.

While the book was unfinished before her death, Petrie and Dippie worked to pull her work together. Using family records and other documents, they added snippets and visuals to complete the piece. If you are a fan of Charlie Russell's work, this intimate look into his life and his relationships will delight you. If Russell's style is new to you, this book will be an eye-opening read into the man whose very name is synonymous with the West and capturing the wild cowboys who worked this beautiful land. For history lovers and art lovers alike, we're sure that Back-Tracking in Memory: The Life of Charles Russell by Nancy Cooper Russell will be an instant hit!