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Horse Hair Adjustable Arrow Bracelet by Cowboy Collectibles


SKU: 73472
  • Montana made
  • Materials: horsehair, silver and gold concho
  • One size fits all
  • Colors do vary greatly as these are hand-made pieces. Please note desired color scheme in order comments. If it happens to be out of stock, a similar color scheme will be chosen for you. Thank you! Possible color choices:
    • Black
    • Brown
  • Brown and Black are the colors pictured.

    Embody the rustic nature of Montana with the Horse Hair Adjustable Arrow Bracelet by Cowboy Collectibles. As a true product of Montana, these horse hair jewelry pieces are both beautiful and unique. Each bracelet is handcrafted out of hair from horses who have gone to greener pastures. To honor their legacy, Montana ranch families gather the hair and braid it into jewelry. Each piece is completely individual because of the nature of the hair. Take heart in knowing that no one in the world is wearing the exact same bracelet as you! 

    The best part of these bracelets is that they are adjustable. Whether you have a thin wrist or a thicker hand, you can wear this bracelet! The braid is finished with leather string, which can be slid between two rubber stoppers so that anyone can wear this bracelet. Finished with a silver concho which includes a gold arrow inlay, this bracelet might represent wanderlust for you! Point your arrow in whichever direction you wish and follow your heart! Enjoy everything about this Horse Hair Adjustable Arrow Bracelet by Cowboy Collectibles.

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