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Huckleberry Lotion - 2oz by Huckleberry Haven


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  • Made in Montana
  • 2 oz of lotion

Sometimes it can be too much of a commitment to buy a big bottle of a new lotion. You are just in luck! Get ready to try out some new lotion, because we have the perfect amount just for you. The Huckleberry Lotion is in a little 2 ounce bottle, a good amount to try out for the first time. If you already know this sweet fragrance lotion is for you, it's be a perfect size for travels - just slip it into your purse and off you go.

Huckleberry Haven has been specializing in huckleberry products since they started in 1987. The Huckleberry Lotion is a specialized recipe to help your dry skin and leave you skin smelling of a huckleberry patch.

Start out small with your 2 ounce lotion before you commit fully!


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