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406 Large Magnet by RoseWorksMT


SKU: 73533


  • 4" by 2 1/2" 
  • Made in Big Fork, Montana
  • Each magnet's coloring is one-of-a-kind

You can never have too many magnets on your refrigerator. From grocery lists to kid's artwork, there's a lot your fridge can display with the right magnets. Step out of that typical magnet game with the 406 Large Ornament by RoseWorksMT. Each of John Rose's stunning pieces is made from copper. It's hand-cut and then heated to produce a highly unique color scheme. That means no one out there will have an ornament quite like yours.

John has a deep love for Montana, having lived and worked in the state for many years. To capture that love, you'll find the only area code in Montana, 406, emblazoned on the center this piece. With a strong and durable magnet attached to the back, this fridge magnet can hold up as many honey-do lists as you can make. Plus, it's big! Measuring 4" by 2 1/2", it's definitely hard to miss this hanging square on the center of your fridge. Brighten up your refrigerator with the 406 Large Magnet by RoseWorksMT!