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Montana Europlate Sticker


Brand: TGT
SKU: 20794

Looking for Montana Store Souvenirs? Well, you have come to the right place! The Montana Europlate Sticker is the perfect gift for you to give to those who couldn't come on the trip or to take home for yourself as a little treat. This item comes from TGT Stickers out of Jackson, Wyoming. This was a company that began as a way for its president, Timothy G. Tasker, to make a living while still remaining in a resort town near good skiing. The oval design is based off a European international identification emblem that is required when driving across borders to allow officials in other countries to identify the origin of the license plate and registration. Put this sticker on your car to let everyone else know you were in Montana and loved it! This truly is one of our Montana Store Souvenirs that you just can't pass up!