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Mud Dye Free Spirit Youth Montana T-Shirt by Montana Mud Shirts


SKU: 79506


  • Mud dyed
  • Natural Montana Clay

If you're looking for a good quality shirt that is dyed in mud and has a horse on it, then look no further! The people at Montana Mud Shirts has designed the perfect shirt to check all of your boxes! A shirt that has been screen printed and dyed with clay dug up from the lands of Montana, will last for as long as you want! Be the unique person in your friend group that has the only shirt that was made using mud in the process.

In 2003, Montana Mud Shirts was started in a small garage in Missoula, Montana. Then in 2006 Steve Salmi moved to Montana and acquired the company and he has been in screen printing ever since. Steve is very invested in Montana Mud Shirts, he loves the designing and hand screening process to fulfill orders to his customers. We love to work with Steve and carry his Montana Mud Shirts, in the Montana Gift Corral because of how unique they are and the hard work and dedication that is put into his craft.