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Rustic Retreat Cereal Bowl by Park Designs


SKU: 59624


  • Stoneware ceramic
  • Microwave & dishwasher safe
  • Nature inspired design

We all know that feeling of finding the perfect bowl to have your cereal in. The bowl is just deep enough, big enough, and has a cute design!  The Rustic Retreat Cereal Bowl by Park Designs features a stoneware ceramic bowl with sgraffito (an Italian term for carving out an image) trees on the sides. This charming little bowl is perfect for whatever you're cooking because not only is it microwave safe, but cleanup is easy by just popping it in the dishwasher! Get your munch on with your new favorite bowl!

For over 20 years, Park Designs has been bringing their customers quality kitchen and home goods that elevate the look and feel of their home! They are passionate about providing their supporters quality product and the best customer support. Here at Montana Gift Corral, we also believe in taking care of your customers, so working with Park Designs is a match made in heaven! Keep an eye on our growing collection to find the best stoneware dinnerware items for you!