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Rustic Retreat Utensil Holder by Park Designs


SKU: 59627


  • Dimensions: 5.5"inches wide by 6.5" inches tall
  • Durable Stoneware
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

Cooking comes easy when you have all the right tools. Sometimes storing those tools can be difficult. With the Rustic Retreat Utensil Holder by Park Designs, you can find all of your kitchen utensils in one place. Let this rustic utensil holder cozy up your space and organize your life. On one side of the utensil holder stands a humble moose amongst the pine. On the other side stands a beautiful black bear, making this bear utensil holder full of cabin realism. 

Park Designs uses the Sgraffito technique, which means "to scratch". This technique is used in decorative pottery to create texture and patterns in the clay.  You can see this detail inside the moose and bear, adding texture to each animal. It is also used to make the pine forest! We love this technique because it adds a rustic, homemade feel to the ceramics. They also add a brushed edged detail to the top of the utensil holder, giving more of that rustic feel to this utensil holder. We love the quality of Park Designs and the detail they use in making their products.