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Napkin by Park Designs (3 Styles)


SKU: 80993


  • 100% Cotton Napkin
  • Size: 20" x 20"
  • 3 Wildlife-Inspired Designs

There is nothing better than hosting a picnic or dinner party surrounded by your friends, family, and loved ones. Make the event a celebration to remember with Napkins by Park Designs! Measuring 20" x 20", these high-quality cloth napkins are crafted from 100% cotton and are perfect for cleaning up any spills or messes. Featuring 3 beautiful wildlife-inspired designs, not only are these napkins beautiful, but they are wonderfully functional as well! 

Based in Goldsboro, North Carolina, Park Designs is a company that is well-known for producing a wonderful array of high-quality kitchen textiles. Often featuring wildlife or nature-inspired motifs, these kitchen linens range from dish towels to table runners, dishware, and even placemats! If you've been searching for rustic kitchen decor to spruce up your space, you've truly come to the right place.