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Bear Paw Track Earrings by RoseWorksMT


SKU: 62774
  • Made in Montana
  • Discs are approximately 7/8" in diameter
  • Handmade of Copper

Whether it be casual or upscale, a pair of earrings can truly make a huge difference in any outfit. Life is too short for boring jewelry, and as such, you need to pick up a pair of earrings that perfectly match your own uniqueness! We truly love the Bear Paw Track Earrings by RoseWorksMT. Handmade using copper right here in the Big Sky State, you can rest assured knowing that you are purchasing not only a stunning pair of earrings but a piece that will truly stand the test of time. With discs measuring approximately 7/8" in diameter, these earrings are the perfect size to make a statement, while still maintaining their lightweight feel. 

Based in Bigfork, MT, RoseWorksMT is no stranger to creating top-tier quality products. Working primarily with copper, John Rose, the artist behind these designs, cuts, hammers, and shapes each and every piece. Once he has shaped his pieces, he carefully heats his designs with a torch to reveal beautiful rainbow-like colors! Wow! If you have been on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind article of jewelry, check out the Bear Paw Track Earrings by RoseWorksMT!

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