Buffalo Dream Catcher - 4 inches


SKU: 75233


  • 4" Size
  • Long Lasting
  • High Quality

Dream catchers have been used for generations as a sort of dream protection. Dreams would be caught in the web where positive dreams would pass through the small hole in the center of the hoop then trickle down the feathers to a sleeping individual. But the bad dreams would be caught in the web still, and as the first rays of sunrise strikes the web it would burn them away. Dream catchers were first originally used by the Native Americans, they believe that the night is filled with both good and bad dreams and the dream catcher will protect them as they sleep. 

El Paso Trading Post has made hundreds of dream catchers for people to hang over their beds. For years they have been in the gift industry providing people with high quality products to last them years and years to follow. Here at the Montana Gift Corral, we want to provide people with great products from great people, we love working with El Paso Trading Post because we know they make great stuff!