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Man Bar by San Francisco Soaps (8 scents)


SKU: 81074


  • 10 oz bar
  • Made in the USA
  • Not tested on animals and no harmful ingredients

Big clean for a big man, the Man Bar by San Francisco Soaps is just what you need for all that extra dirt and grit that comes from life. Starting with the packaging, this soap is top-notch. Every bar comes in a leather-textured magnetic closure box, so if you're giving this as a gift, it really saves time on your gift wrapping! But once you open that bar, the scent is absolutely intoxicating. San Fransisco Soap is an RSPO certifed company, which means all o their palm oil is Mass-Balance Sustainable Palm Oil, making it more environmentally sustainable and better for regions where palm oil is harvested. With eight delightful scents to choose from, get ready to fall in love with the Man Bar by San Francisco Soaps!

Cardamom and Juniper: In their exfoliating bar, this bar is a mix of earthy juniper and spicy cardamom for a refreshing shower experience.

Coastal Driftwood: The aromatic scent of the coast and the scent of the ocean come together to give this bar of soap a nostalgic scent.

Exotic Musk and Sandalwood: A little heat and a little sweet, this scent is definitely unique. Not overly powerful, this is one that leaves a musky scent on your skin after a wash. 

Midnight Amber: A little mysterious and a little inviting, this soap invokes a rich, exotic scent that will fill your shower up with excitement! 

Peppered Patchouli: If you're looking for a spicy soap, this is the one for you. A little bit of pepper and that herbal scent of patchouli will get you going in the morning!

Siberian Fir: Not overpowering, this scent combines that inviting aroma of tall, aged fir trees is mixed in with a bit of manly musk for good balance.

Silver Sage and Bergamot: With that rich scent of sage and a mix of complex bergamot, you get a soap that is floral, herbal, and fresh!

Spiced Tobacco: A scent for every man, this rich inviting scent will have you envisioning your days in the perfectly scented humidor.