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Sherpa Throw Blanket by Carstens (16 styles)


Brand: Carstens
SKU: 69777


  • Size - 54" inches X 68" inches
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine wash warm and tumble dry on low

Bring the warmth and comfort of sherpa into your home and experience another layer of coziness with a Sherpa Throw Blanket by Carstens. This collection is curated to fit a rustic home, one that feels isolated or tucked away in the woods. These blankets are extremely soft and warm, we think they are the perfect blanket for laying on the couch or sitting in a chair with a good book! No matter how you plan on using your cozy, sherpa throw, with the Cartsens collection, you get all the comfort of a sherpa with the beautiful designs by Carstens. 

Carstens has been in the business of rustic home furnishings since 1988. As a family-owned business, they want to make sure they are providing the best blankets and pillows available to help you decorate while not taking over the space. Inspired by the outdoors and the American west, this collection of Sherpa Throw Blankets will have you inspired to light a candle make a cup of coffee, and get started on that book you've been excited to read! 

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