Huckleberry Mint Tin by Huckleberry People


SKU: 76144


  • .58 oz
  • Sugar-free
  • Montana made

When you want a little huckleberry on the go, bring a Huckleberry Mint Tin from Huckleberry People to cure your craving. These sweet, minty delights will keep you happy all day long. They come in this great little tin, which makes them easy to pack along in your purse or tuck away in your glove box. Got a hot date? Spruce up that breath with huckleberry mints. Got a big job interview? Pop one of these babies before you shake hands with the CEO.

Huckleberry People started in 1982 in Missoula, Montana. They are well-known in the state and beyond for making delicious huckleberry goodies of all types. Interestingly, huckleberries cannot be commercially grown. They have to be harvested in the wild during their very short growing season. Huckleberry People have perfected the art of gathering huckleberries just at the right time and turning them into wonderful delights, like these mints. So, enjoy a bit of Montana with a Huckleberry Mint Tin by Huckleberry People.